We choose then we forget

sunk in the molecules imbued with star dust

(Foreigners, yet our bodies’ essence.)

symbols of stars illuminating the universe

the verse that has no gender and no race

(A verse of every thing and every breath.)

we choose then we forget

encapsulated in our minds, we solely see the walls around

but yearn for love and freedom and embrace.


We yearn for the parent of the air

(The air is filled with images of it.)

we yearn for the parent of the earth

(The roots of the trees that keep us here,)

we yearn to have a parent

to belong

(a history,)

not being able to comprise the spiraling continuum with our childish eyes

we yearn to build strong theses of the parent

of origins, of elements, of stars

(to soothe our lives’ impermanence.)

theses that make us worthy of a name

a purpose and a story in the book of life.


Becoming parents we do strive, thus showing our deep beliefs

(We manifest what we have learned and most of all what we do need.)

we yearn to prove our parent theses, to prove us being humans and not golden leaves

we strive to own our time, thus proving we’re not just incidental thieves.


We need parentheses-enhancing truths

(the alternatives of details that make our lives a panoply of booths)

we choose

then leave forgotten into our past

the parent-theses of our cast.


Sunday, August 13, 2017


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