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Few of my poems, translated from Romanian:

The Eternal Exercise

You need practice,

rehearsal – for everything,

mostly in suffering,

in your hands giving birth

to the words existing in your fingertips

and to the feelings in your palms.

You need rehearsal

to die

and resurrect.


©Daniela Marin


Somewhere between pleasure and sin

Between thought and feeling

Between fear and pride

Beyond the body

Between reason and desire

One day I found myself hanging


©Daniela Marin  


It’s so hard to tie up the end of the feeling to the end of the thought

To pull the thread through the middle of your heart

bound to the stone

almost falling

into the ocean.


©Daniela Marin

The Brightness of Silence

We kept silent

and the silence filled our souls

one with the other.

We hold our hands

Until, just being, our bodies merged.

Then, just One God has shined.


©Daniela Marin

I keep looking into your eyes

I keep gathering you

gathering myself.


©Daniela Marin

How longer still will I have to mangle myself in these shards of world

to be reflected only into one,

That of the Light?


©Daniela Marin

Learning the flight

Take the stone away

And you will discover the most beautiful syllable.

Take the river away

And into the dry path a divine song you will hear.

Take into your forgotten hands the broken wing

And the painting will so beautifully be shown to you.

Throw yourself into the sea

And from her murmur the dance will incarnate.

But before this,

Tear yourself

Mangle yourself

Smash yourself

From torment



And bitterness

Live yourself again.

And then,


Ask for forgiveness and fly.


©Daniela Marin

I should have been everywhere and nowhere

I should have been everywhere and nowhere

around you and far from you,

inside of you walking smoothly

or crazy about the passion of being here,

outside of you,

into the jungle of the nothingness.


©Daniela Marin

Butterfly was struggling into the ashtray having one burnt wing.

The other wing was flying.


©Daniela Marin

Falling into feeling

So much illness gathered round the feeling!

And what a light rising from the souls’ communion

just to come down

upon the body



©Daniela Marin

The eye

I confessed my soul to You, Light!

You listened to it, then took it in your palm

rising it up, so high,

in front of your great eye,

so great,

(oh, God, how great!)

that you had to put me down again

so I could see it too.


©Daniela Marin


True friends are gifts from God.

Real friends, true friends. You can recognize them easily. They don’t run when you are down, they don’t laugh at you when your face is ugly broken by the bitter tears, they don’t forget your birthday, and even if they are far away from you, they find a way to be near, to let you know they care about you. Time and distance does not exist in Friendship’s Land or World!

I didn’t have time to write in here lately. Others, other things got my time, energy and attention. But today I have to write these few things, even if I  should prepare myself for a difficult seminar I have to teach this weekend. But what better preparation than a warm heart filled with the joy of friendship?

I received today, some days earlier than my birthday – but the very best and right time to be received – a wonderful birthday card and a very precious gift from a friend in USA. We met in person only 3 times. We talked, chatted, wrote to each other for the past 10 years. Some times more, other times less, but somehow this connection, based on frequencies of souls, of friendship and true care for each other, continued and surfed on any wave of our separate lives. No matter where the tides have taken us, on highs or downs in each of us life’s avenues, but somehow we surely know there is a someone, out there, who really cares for us, who knows us more and deeper than others, to whom we shared parts of us. And this is a true friend.

I had many friends and good friends in my life. And I still have good friends. But true friends are little in number. A special quality of resonance might be required to find and keep a true friend in your life. That’s why they might be rare and precious, for this reason. Keeping them in our heart is bringing joy and wholeness to ourselves.

Today I wish to thank to all my true friends out there in the world! Even if this feeling and intention were started by just one of them, but I feel like thanking now to all of you.

Thank you, A. for making me feel myself and whole again, for bringing in that piece of me from you, and for offering me this opportunity to speak out loud my gratitude to you and to all my true friends! Love and gratitude to All of You!

2006-04-01 14.40.48

1st of March!

A day of celebration, at least here, in Romania and some other countries around us. The story is old, too old to be remembered for real. So, if we can’t remember, what should we do? Maybe create new stories upon the old legend. This way we keep adding and adding and growing the volume of  human history.

Martisor is a … you can read here: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/M%C4%83r%C5%A3i%C5%9For

Actually it is a wonderful way of going through the passage between the sleepy winter into the dreamy spring, getting yourself together in order to achieve the dreams you dreamt during winter time. Have you?  Did you think about what would you like to grow, to sow, how would you like yourself to be, to look like in the next annual cycle of your life?

The natural calendar is very different, indeed, for the so many of us, inhabitants of the Earth. Many areas, different climate, different latitudes and longitudinal lines dividing cultures, marking differences among humans, various characteristics of seasons, of winds (of change), of water. Everything is important, from the tiny species of insects to the way flowers look or the taste of water. For each there is a particular calendar of nature. Connection between modern human being and its environment, the nature, has been gradually diminished until we now consider the person being able to look at the sky predicting the weather to be a paranormal human being. Paranormal is the one watching the ants making long lines, carrying provisions before the coming of a very hot and dry summer, predicting a dry summer. Our elders knew all these things. They were paying attention to their home-the natural environment that was providing food for them.

What kind of attention are we paying to the earth now, when we make big holes into its body, digging for oil, gas and so many other precious minerals in order to create more products, more stuff, advertised, inserted into men’s minds suddenly craving for who knows what new, fancy gadgets?  Well, exactly this kind of attention.

The white and red strings are reminding us about purity and life, about love on all levels, from white to red Tantra, if I may say so, reminding about the famous two principles, masculine and feminine united and interconnected into one beautiful “string”. The human string.

Spring is coming indeed. So, it’s time to work. Time to sow, time to care, time to watch for what we desire, time to love the beauty, frailty, courage and perfume of snowdrops. Snowdrops are the first flowers announcing the coming of the spring, symbols for Martisor here, in Romania.

Have a beautiful spring!



I guess today is the best day for first post in my English stuff section.

Today is the National Day of Romania, an Eastern-European country where I had the privilege to be born, raised, taught … including the English language. Like many other Romanians.

Happy National Day, Romania! Happy 1st of December!

Don’t worry, I won’t get into national history. Not today.

I’ll get into my history.

My very first connection to English language was through television. Movies and cartoons, songs and BBC Theater shows were fascinating stuff for the little girl that was trying to figure out how could she get into the TV-set, into that fabulous world full of music, dance and stories. Then, I guess I was lucky having  an older sister being in love with English language and literature.  She was simply trying to keep my curiosity out of her life, so she was using English language when she was talking on phone with her friends. Not always, not with all of them.

Lucky me, I started school at the age of 6.5 and only one year later, I could start learning English at school. Well, my inner life started to change very rapidly after this. It became so much more interesting and attractive to use English while dreaming big, dreaming about my future, acting, impersonating various actors I was watching on TV at that time, or simply thinking about my daily life. I had a double life, the inner me speaking English more than Romanian for a while.

Gradually English became quite a world for the little girl and the moment she learned about her best friend moving out, going to leave Romania for good, moving with her family to US, her secret dream grew even more. She then started to dream about moving there, too. Not because of the communist regime, not necessarily. That was, indeed, a big issue, growing more and more, day by day into a matter of life and death. As she grew a bit more, she realized her life was damned, that she was meant to live like in a prison, not being allowed to get out of the country to visit her friend, for example. Or not being allowed to speak out what she thought, being afraid of the neighbors that could have turned her in to the Militia or Securitate for listening Voice of America’s music top. She realized she had to hide herself, her true self, and that was very, very difficult. She felt she had so much to share, to speak out, to give…

But the young girl loved her own native language very much, too. She started writing little stories, short plays for school, and Romanian language was offering her a different variety of feelings, a more profound emotion in searching for and arranging words into her phrases. More nuances, more hidden lights behind the words in her native language than the foreign, English language. And quite different sensations behind the same feeling expressed through the different words belonging to the two languages. Yet, so much easier to say more in less words if English was used!

Behind any word, no matter the language, she discovered  music, a sphere of sounds that were producing feelings or emotions, a weird state of light and sound, not necessarily having a connection to the meaning of the word. She discovered the word being the master of creation.  Spoken or just thought, the word was behind everything. The graphical form of the word, the letters themselves were shaping out the rhythm of their inner music, besides their associated sounds. She loved the word. And the word loved her, too. Until one day when everything turned upside down. She reached the other edge. She started hating  the word. Words started proving to her they could hurt, kill, knockdown, destroy, start wars, they had the power to control everything and everyone. Every mind and every heart. And that didn’t seemed right to her.

The word “word” in Romanian is “cuvânt”. If we separate the first syllable we obtain “cu” -“vânt”, which means “with wind”. The wind is able to carry many things, is able to mix everything, even to destroy things. The wind brings seeds into the ground. With the wind, the dust is spread. With the wind, the waves of information.  It is a carrier and a mover. It moves things or it’s just touching them. Well, at the end of the day, together, no matter what language we are speaking, we are all moving with the wind of change, aren’t we?

©Daniela Marin   

4 thoughts on “English stuff

    • I will, my dearest old friend! I will.
      What a surprise to see you here! So happy is my heart!
      Across the time, the space, beyond all life-stories , true love, true friendship is and will always be there. That “there” might be the Truth, or the Reality, capital letters trying to bring forth a difference between the ordinary, lost in time value of the word truth or deviated meaning of the word reality. Yet, I think love is the essence of everything else.
      There is a certain “there” inside each of us. Some might call it the ideal place or home or the “hall” of their souls, or even the heaven/Eden. But we tend to set this alter ego/home/life somewhere “out-side” of us. (Out and on a side. Not out and “round-a-side”! joking). Maybe because it’s easier to project something on a screen, in front of us, so that we can “see” it clearly. We were never taught that our eyes can see inside too, in our own being “indoors”. Actually, I guess all we need is (love! Yes and) the courage and willingness to open the doors.
      I wonder when this split of our being does exactly happen. Would there be on the first experience of separation from the mother, the father, the parents, the home? Would the little child feel so disappointed, deserted, hurt that needs to create a certain, special, untouchable “place” where nothing like this could ever happen again? Would it be during the separation from the first loved one, when the adolescent thinks life becomes unbearable? Or, maybe it has nothing to do with the life growing events, but with a kind of special and secret memory, a piece of information recovering gradually from the silence of the soul? No matter how and when, but it seems to me we all have such a sacred, untouchable place. A place of perfection. Maybe is the sacred chamber of our spiritual hearts, or maybe is the sacred place where our souls resides, or maybe is just the sacred altar where the seed of light landed in the first place. And from that one light-seed, the rest grew more, in so many aspects evolving, so many forms transcending, expanding its inner qualities into this being now.
      From time to time we simply need to turn back into this sacred place. It is filled with what we need, what we recognize we are, it is filled with the holograms of our dear ones, no matter when these people manifested their presence in our life. It is filled with the most beautiful, divine (if I am allowed to use this word and not be “accused” of being religious) fountain of goodness, kindness, love, serenity, purity, joy… and for me all these mean beauty. Nothing is missing from there, nothing is ever needed. Everything is perfect as it is. For me, this sacred place is not in heavens, not out-there. But right in my being which is not limited to this present physical body.
      From the core of my being, I thank you, dear Anda, I thank you for being in my life, for filling in my sacred place with your beauty!


      • “The present is owned by God. God lives in an eternal present, and
        to the present he has given all power. Knowing this, you must all
        tell yourselves, ‘Today, I too have this day at my disposal.
        The past has gone, and the future has not yet arrived. Only the
        present belongs to me. So – to work!’ But what do most people
        do? They chew over the past, they dream about the future, and
        they are absent to the present, allowing it to slip by, since
        they do not know how to live it.
        For the most part, the past is an occasion for regrets and
        remorse: people miss the good old days or else they reproach
        themselves for their mistakes, for the choices they have made,
        the decisions they have taken. As for the future… if they do
        not know how to act in the present, what kind of future can they
        expect? While they hope it will be a happy one, an improvement,
        they are also anxious about what might happen. And that is how it
        will be until they learn to base tomorrow on the solid foundation
        of today.

        Omraam Mikhaël Aïvanhov – http://www.prosveta.com

        Wonderful teachings! I’ve just finished the second part of an article about this year of my life, the 2012, and was preparing to shut down technology when I told myself I should check email first. Reading this email from Prosveta, I felt so tuned and also felt like sharing with all of you, my dears, this piece of wisdom from Omraam Aivanhov. My heart-and-mind in this very present are filled with love and joy which I am sending to you all, today, the last day of 2012.


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