English stuff

Few of my poems, translated from Romanian:

The Eternal Exercise

You need practice,

rehearsal – for everything,

mostly in suffering,

in your hands giving birth

to the words existing in your fingertips

and to the feelings in your palms.

You need rehearsal

to die

and resurrect.


©Daniela Marin



Somewhere between pleasure and sin

Between thought and feeling

Between fear and pride

Beyond the body

Between reason and desire

One day I found myself hanging.


©Daniela Marin  



It’s so hard to tie up the end of the feeling to the end of the thought

to pull the thread through the middle of your heart

bound to the stone

almost falling

into the ocean.


©Daniela Marin

The Brightness of Silence

We kept silent

and the silence filled our souls

one with the other.

We held our hands until our bodies merged.

And then…

Only One god has shined.


©Daniela Marin


Gathering myself

I keep looking into your eyes

I keep gathering you inside of me

myself gathering into your eyes.


©Daniela Marin


Too many shards

How much longer do I have to mangle myself in these shards of the world

to be reflected only into one,

that one of Light?


©Daniela Marin


Learn to fly

Take the stone away.

You will discover the most beautiful syllable.

Take the river away.

Into the dry path a divine song you will hear.

Take into your forgotten hands the broken wing.

The painting will be shown to you.

Throw yourself into the sea

And from her murmur the dance will incarnate.

But before this,

Tear yourself

Mangle yourself

Smash yourself

From torment



And bitterness

Live yourself again.

And then,


Ask for forgiveness and fly.


©Daniela Marin


I should have been everywhere and nowhere

I should have been everywhere and nowhere

around you and far from you,

delicately walking inside of you

or crazy about the passion of being here,

outside of you,

into the jungle of the nothingness.


©Daniela Marin


The butterfly

The butterfly was struggling inside the ashtray having one burnt wing.

The other one was flying.


©Daniela Marin


Falling into feeling

So much illness gathered round the feeling!

And what a light rising from the souls’ communion

just to come down

upon the body



©Daniela Marin


The eye

I confessed my soul to You, Light!

You listened to it, then took it in your palm

rising it up, so high,

in front of your great eye,

so great,

(oh, God, how great!)

that you had to put me down again

so I could see it too.


©Daniela Marin








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